I am a photographer living in Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland. Born and raised by the sea and countryside, I have was fortunate enough to grow up amidst spectacular scenery. That and an innate artistic view to everything in life, I have developed a passion for photography.

I originally studied Interior Architecture and Lighting Design in Cork Institute of Technology. Before the ‘Great’ recession in 2008, which seems like a live time ago, I was an Interior Lighting Designer for domestic, commercial and retail projects. You may have seen some of my work in many of Corks night life spots, restaurants or at the award winning lighting design at Rocky Island crematorium. At that time, I did not think that the skills I gained over the years creating, designing and illuminating architectural spaces would be the first step in following the light to photography.


Yes I was that kid that brought home every stray I found and consistently asked for a pony every Christmas and birthday. As an adult I followed my passion in horses, as a hobbyist in all disciplines and competitively as a show jumper. A key member of our family is our collie Maggie. I really enjoy photographing the natural response from animals, be it a dog playing on the beech or a horse lazing in the field or jumping that last fence clear on a big day out.


I truly enjoy photographing and capturing the emotion people display and the connection they have with each other. The best photographs I have shot are when people forget the camera is in the room. The best way I find in achieving that is a balance between making people feel at ease by connecting with them and by fading into the background of the event.

Irish Landscape

As mentioned, growing up in a picturesque town like Cobh how could I not fall in love with the Irish Landscape. Ireland has so much variation in landscape from the rolling mountains in Kerry, to the hustle and bustle of Dublin City centre, Ireland is a photographer’s paradise.

I enjoy working with people who inspire my work and look forward to creating memories to cherish.